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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 12, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw world news live from berlin. tonight, delivering a message of unity to a shattered community. u.s. president barack obama travels to dallas in the aftermath of murder of police officers there last week and at aim -- at an emotional memorial service, he said the community must find meaning in its sorrow. a head-on train crash in italy leaves at least 22 people dead and dozens injured.
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investigators refused to rule out human error as caused. and then international tribunal dismisses china's territorial claim of the south china sea, saying it has no legal basis. beijing calls the ruling a f fae anand said it will not not doing what it is doing in the sea. good to have you with us. we begin in dallas where u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to the five police officer's killed at an antiracism protests last week. the president was joined at the interfaith memorial by vice president joe biden and number president george w. bush. the officers were killed on duty just days after two unarmed black men were shot dead by police.
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during his speech, he spoke of the violence exposing the divide in american democracy. president obama: faced with this , we wonder if the divide in america can ever be wrote. we wonder if an african-american community that feels unfairly targeted by police and police departments that feel unfairly maligned for doing their jobs can ever understand each other's experience. we turn on the tv or surf the internet and we can watch positions harden and lines drawn and people retreat to their respective corners. politicians calculate how to grab attention or avoid the fallout. we see all of this and it is hard not to think sometimes that the center won't hold and that
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things might it worse. i understand. i understand how americans are feeling. but dallas, i am here to say we must reject such despair. brent: that was u.s. president barack obama speaking about an hour ago in dallas. with full in our washington correspondent who has been following the ceremony. we were all listening to that speech and there was barack obama again, the console or in chief for the american people. what is your take on the words he had to say eschew mark did he manage to bridge the divide he's talking about in americans i.t.? -- reporter: he e also had to addrs
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the ongoing police violence against african americans. i think he did a very good job. he addressed the sides and wasn't afraid of getting critiqued for that which already happens. if you look at the twitter feeds, people are saying it -- it was about the fleas actors but not about young black men who got shot, so he knew what he was doing but i think he did it very well and very emotional. speech, he has written all himself and i think you could feel that. brent: you could feel bad and you can tell this is a president who has to give speeches like this time and time again. obama praised the sense of public duty shown i police and
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public officials, which he said was very important. how important will those words be in healing the wounds in americans society mark -- american society? reporter: it was very important he attended the service. he has dan black churches and is outspoken against racism in public service, so it meant a lot to the police officers he -- that he attended. i was talking to the officers there on the ground and they appreciated his effort that he came down and praise their work and repeated what the dallas police chief said, that the united states asks too much remits police officers.
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if you looked in the faces of the police officers sitting behind him, you could see that they appreciated that. brent: before we let you go, it interesting there were republican and autocratic leaders there. a former republican president. how important was it for those people to be present? reporter: very important and it proves how tricky the situation is right now in this election campaign. i think both of them, president george w. bush and president obama, the first lady and former first lady holding hands, this picture will stay with so many as well, the ending where all of these politicians hold hands and pray and sang together for a united united states of america which is not divided by hate and
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fear. brent: our washington correspondent on the story this evening. thank you very much. we will stay in the u.s. where the presidential hope, bernie sanders, has endorsed his former rival for the democratic nomination, hillary clinton. despite a full-blooded campaign against clinton, anders says he wants to keep republican donald trump out of the white house. mr. sanders: i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton. [applause] and why she must become our next president. this campaign is not really about hillary clinton or donald trump or bernie sanders for any
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other candidate who sought the presidency. this campaign is about the needs of the american people. brent: that was bernie sanders speaking in new hampshire earlier today. her next story, an issue that could indeed confront the next u.s. president, a united nations tribunal has rejected china's claims over the south china sea, describing the country's activities there as illegal and listing other infringement of the area as well. the case was brought three years ago by the philippines, one of a number of nations in the area unnerved by chinese expansion and military actions. malaysia and vietnam also have competing claims. china's uses what it calls the nine dash line to claim
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sovereignty over 90% of the areas despite the protests of its neighbors. reporter: rival pro-and anti-protesters out by the international tribunal in the hague moment for the ruling was handed down. and then it came. a sweeping r ruling in thehese territorial struggle or the south china sea. >> we call on those concerned to exercise restraint and the variety. the philippines strongly affirms its respectct for this milestone decision as an important contribution to ongoing efforts in addressing disputes in itself
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china cecil. reporter: the decision increases pressure on china to ease pressure in the region by ruling out certain outcrops do not have t territory endowing davavis, it punches aa series of holes in the demarcation line and declares beijing's efforts to build artificial islands illegal. the judgment has repercussions for the adnan syed taiwan who asserts territorial rights s in the south chinaa sea. but it makes restraint look increasingly unlikely. brent: authorities in italy say 22 people have been killed and dozens injured in a train crash. two commuter train collided head on. emergency services are outside and transport ministers have an dispatched, though there is no immediate indication of what
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caused the crash. reporter: the mangled wreckage of this morning's horrific crash. but the workers race to save those injured in the head-on collision. the force of the crash sent carriages flying off the tracks. survivors described a moment of impact. >> i was thrown forward. i don't know what happened. it all happened so quickly. i saw my mother on the ground, my father and sister leading. even i don't know. reporter: the crash occurred in the middle of the countryside, complicating rescue operations. workers worked in scorching summer heat. offificials fear more could be trapped in the wrereckage. it's in the final carriages, not the two that crashed together, there is nobody. now, the rescuers have to your out if there are people between the two carriages that collided.
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they are working now and the situation is not good. reporter: the prime minister promised a thorough probe of the crash. investigators say it's possible that it was caused by human error and an environmental group said they may have not have had automatic braking systems. it's one of the worst rail accidents increase years. brent: talk about some problematic realist they, the austrian government and drawn up a law to seize a privately owned home in a small town. it's not just any house, it is the birthplace of adolf hitler. the home's owner refuses to part with it and authorities want to decide the future of the building for the elves. reporter: this house is wherere adolf hitler was born.
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it has been empty for almost five years. the austrian government has been paying rent to the owner, however since the fall of 2011, no one knows what to do with the house, which is why the austrian state has decided to ousust the. but that is extreme. once the governmenen starts doig things like that, how far will it go in taking people's possessions? reporter: what will happen to the house once it belongs to the state? people have differing opinionon. sex it is a historiric house. it's protested in a well built house. it shohould not be stored down.. >> there have been discussions with the owner about what to do for years. there is no o option. so what should happen to the house mark caretet down, oththee
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it w will become a shrine, which is already the case. reporter: four years, people have been making pilgrimimage to the place ofof hitler hospersrs. >> is aa huge problem for people who come here that are pro-hitler, pro-nazi. reporter: a stone commemorates the concentration camp. the owner did not want back on her house. a library and workskshop for people with disabilitities are n the workshshop and could r retu. > i would not want this house to be a museum. we have museums were crimes were committed. reporter: city hall is hesitant to comment on said lands. the local mp is against tearing it down. he wants it used for sociall causes. >> it's a wonderful idea.
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then there is a certainty h houe will not be used for thihings tt pertain to the knotty or anything to do with the extreme right wing. if that was ththe case, we would haveve moved out off any bad prs regarding hitler's house. reporter: there is something to be said for that. the citizens here cannot wait. brent: we will l be back with me news after a break. >> what do you think? what do you get fofor $.50? >> for $.50? >> not a lot. quest did you know it costs seed one hungry child or one and a?
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with the share the meal after music and share a meal with children in need for just $.50 and a tap on your s smart phone. imagine the impact you anand yor friends could have. together, we can then global hunger. please download the app. brent: welcome back. you are with dw news live from berlin. u.s. president barack obama has addressed and memorial service for five murdered police officers in dallas, texas. he prays the work of law-enforcement and said the community must try to find meaning in his sorrow. he insisted america was less divided than some critics claim. italian officials say at least
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22 people are dead after two passenger trains collided. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash and have not ruled out human erroror. an international tribunal says china has no legal basis to claim historic right to islands in the south china sea. the ruling follows years of it or disputes between aging and neighbors and co-tensions in southeast asia. helen is here with the business news. the eu is to have come up with a controversial internet privacy agreement. helen: people are saying is too tough and others say it not tough enough. nevertheless, the european union launched a new deal with the u.s. aimed at curbing government spying on european citizens. the court struck down a previous agreement, leaving the likes of
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google and face works i'm sure they could transfer data back to their operations in the united. under this new deal, companies face tough penalties if they fail to meet european standards but the critics say it's not tough enough. reporter: the transactions of anyone googling or using yahoo!, the -- a can all be accessed by spy agencies and governments can use what they find. that would still be possible in the future, but the privacy shield agreement assures european privacy rights of lies to data centers across the atlantic limiting state access, replacing the state harbor agreement. >> the privacy shield is fundamentally the front from safe harbor top because we will not have an annual joint review which will make it easier to solve any problems that would arise.
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>> with new privacy protections in place, we are confident the framework will stand further scrutiny. reporter: but critics say it still has too many holes in it because it allows clanandestine observation by u.s. intelligence agencies. at least businesses say they are happy for now. privacy shield takes place when all eu states have been informed of the deal. helena: let's get more with our correspondent standing by. good to see you. we have been hearing about the new privacy shield deal. how will the company's affected by it be taking the news? reporter: with the uncertainties surrounding companies like facebook, they are in a legal limbo.
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only by imitating cross border data transfers that are crucial to international business, let's not forget privacy is a a must t also the sharing of data driving every sector from data to advertising. the u.s.. commerce said the free flow of data makes it possible to hire programmers in the czech republic or manufacturing in germany to collaborate with a research lab in tennessee. helen: we have seen new highs for the act in today's trading session. >> financial conditions seem more favorable or the brexit
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central banks are making sure to provide enough liquidity but valuations are pretty high. the economy has been growing for seven years and earnings are in a recession. there is still risk on the horizon, including the earnings season going on that could derail what we have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks. helen: many thanks indeed for that at the top -- for that. the two countries have failed to take effective action to reduce public deficits. eurozone countries are supposed to limit deficits to 3% of those domestic product. portugal was expected to bring its deficit in line this year but it is currently not on track
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to meet it. in a less ditch effort, the finance minister has offered to raise taxes. reporter: ministers meeting in brussels agreed spain and portugal have not taken enough action to take care of deficits. both have been above 3% levels for years now and it is now up to them to avert potential tensions. >> the first next step is for the spanish and portuguese governments to send a letter to the commission to react to the threat of sanctions. i hope that will be an offensive letter and not a decent letter, meaning they need to outline what steps they would take. if that is a good offensive approach, we hope that will help when the commission talks about the sanctions. reporter: spain's ministers for economic affairs as they believe
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they would he given an exemption to bring its deficit into line. if spain and portugal received fines, they would be the first countries to be penalized for the budget deficit rules, but it is unlikely given the fragile state of their economies. helen: that is your business news for now. brent: turning to cycling and the sports most prestigious race, the tour de france, resumed after a day off. stage 10 ran 197 kilometers, starting in andorra. the punishing course included the highest mountain in this years tour. then it was mostly downhill until the two climbs just before the end. and it was a first time stage winner who crossed the finish line first. reporter: stage tends centered on the battle for the green
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points jersey and a strong group were able to break away from the fact across the finish line almost 10 minutes before the rest. it was good enough to hang on to the overall leaders yellow jersey. >> once we got down out of sight, it settled down and you could see it was turning into a big fight for the sprinter teams for the green jersey and a battle for that. reporter: that battle lasted until the final meter. a managed to stave off the attacks but could not withstand a team effort. mark matthews winning his first ever stage at the tour, a triumph for the 25-year-old australian. frfroom's a 16 second leadad ate top of the standings. brent: the ultimate fighting championship, the world leading
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mixed martial arts promoter has been told for 3.6 billion euros, the largest sale in sports history. william morris, img and private equity firms purchased the organization a day after its biggest ever event. reporter: the ufc was never intended to get as big as it has gotten. the first event in 1993 was supposed to be a one-off terminus to determine the best fighting discipline among several. after gas, pay per view event sold over 85000 and him is so architects to put on another and another. the ufc started as a sporting event and crept into the mainstream and grew in popularity featuring different classes for fighters.
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in 2012, the organization signed first female who has become a household name and made the leap onto the big screen as an action movie actress. soon, investors took notice. the franchise has been bought for a reported 3.6 billion euros, the largest purchase in sports history. the largest previous deal was the purchase of the atlanta bravaves for 2.17 billion euros. the once criticized sport has become a marquee event featuring popular fighters like conor mcgregor competing in several event year-round. the recent price tagged promises the ufc will continue to grow into a mainstay in the world of events. brent: there is a reminder of the top stories we are following -- u.s. president barack obama has addressed a memorial service for five murdered police
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officers in dallas. he praised the work of one for the city and said the community must try to find meaning in it sorrow. he insist that america was less divided than some critics claim. an international tribunal says china has no legal basis to claim historic right to islands in the south china the. the e ruling follows years of little -- of it or disputes between beijing and its neighbors include heightened tensions in southeast asia. after a short break, i will be back to take you today.
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michelle: hello and welcome to "focus on europe." i'm michelle henery. we have a fafascinating mimix of storieies from across the continent for you on today's show. the trepca mines in kosovo are the reason behind political strife. austrians have to vote a second time for their president. and a very special women's support group in turkey. switzerland is one of the world's wealthiest countries. known as a land of finance and efficiency, it may be hard to imagine that it wasn't always this way. he


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